Quick Tip: How to Use Snipping Tool Properly

How to Use Snipping Tool and Its Features

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Snipping Tool is my most favorite application of Windows. We have to use this tool every day once we get to know it. There are also many features in it that people don’t know about. In this article, I am going to teach how to use snipping tool and all its features. I have also shared its screen images with the instructions to make it easy to learn.

How to Start Snipping Tool?

Almost every one of our viewers knows this but I am trying to start this from beginners to advanced level. Simply press the ‘Windows’ button to open ‘Start Menu’. Here type ‘Snipping Tool’ and the program will appear in the search result that you can click to start.

Snipping Tool Windows Search

Taking a Simple Screenshot

You will see a small Window of this program with 4 menu tabs; New, Delay, Cancel, Options. There will be no ‘Delay’ tab if you are using Windows 8 or earlier as this feature is only available in Windows 10.

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Now let’s proceed to first step in how to use snipping tool. All you have to do is click the menu tab ‘New’ and then select the area on the screen to capture. This is the simple and default ‘Rectangular Snip’.

Snipping Tool Front Image

There are 4 Types of Snips:

Many people don’t know that there are 4 ways to take a snapshot using the Snipping Tool. All snips are used to take screenshots in a different form.

1.      Free-Form Snip

You can freely draw a figure on the screen that you want to capture as an image.

2.      Rectangular Snip

This is the simple and default snip discussed above. You have to select an area in a rectangle to snip.

3.      Window Snip

It will take a shot of any opened window. You only have to click the window and Snipping Tool will capture it.

4.      Full-Screen Snip

Snipping Tool takes screenshot of an entire screen the moment you click this button. The window of snipping tool is always invisible.

Types of Snip in Snipping Tool

Delay Up to 5 Seconds:

You get an extra feature called ‘Timer’ if you are using Snipping Tool in Windows 10. You can set time of up to 5 seconds after which the screen freezes for you to select the area to snip. It is particularly helpful when you are trying to take snapshot of a process or menu that hides when you click somewhere else. You can also take screenshot of entire screen with just one click.

Timer in Snipping Tool

Tools to Edit the Snapshot:

You are presented with some tools to edit the image right after you have taken a screenshot. This option shows up before saving the file. You are also offered to send it directly as an email or save it in your computer. You can also copy the snap and paste it anywhere without having to store it.

All Tools that Edit Screenshot

Some Other Options of Snipping Tool:

It is necessary that we go through other options of Snipping Tool in this guide of how to use snipping tool. These options are more like settings of this program. Keep the settings default if you are new to using this tool. These applications include checkboxes of:Setting Options of Snipping Tool Image

  1. Hide instruction text
  2. Include URL below snips (HTML only)
  3. Show screen overlay when Snipping Tool is active
  4. Always copy snips to Clipboard
  5. Prompt to save snips before exiting
  6. Show select in after snips are captured
  7. Ink Color



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