The Truth Spy Crack v7.38 Updated [2019]

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The Truth Spy Crack

We can deny all we want but the fact is that we want to know other’s secrets. Wise men say you can read one’s mind and soul if you have access to his/her mobile phone. Unfortunately, this is actually the truth as the technology has become a part of what we are now. We have here shared The Truth Spy Crack that is the best and most perfect tool to secretly spy on any Android or iPhone mobile set. This software was particularly designed for three type of users:

  • Parents who want to watch over their kids
  • Officers who want to monitor their employees
  • Couples who think their partner is cheating on them

The latest version of this software is The Truth Spy 7.38. It is a very useful software but the developers charge $31 monthly to use it. No one likes to pay for software and definitely not on monthly basis. You can use its trial only for 48 hours and then you will need TheTruthSpy License Key Crack. However, the features offered in this software are definitely priceless that are not found in any other spy tool.

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What’s So Special About The Truth Spy?

You have full access to the victims’ souls once you have installed this software on their mobile phone. Truth Spy gives you every bit of detail about the victim there possibly is to know.

Ambient Listening:

You can listen to the surroundings of the victim through microphone in the mobile.

Live Call Recording:

The Truth Spy allows you to record and listen all the calls your victim dialed or received.

WhatsApp Spy:

Half of our world is found on WhatsApp. You can see everything in their WhatsApp account without any Rooting.

GPS Tracking Location:

You can see the current location of victim any time and even get the complete history of where he/she has been.

Calls with The Truth Spy Crack:

You can not only see all the contacts and call history including minutes but you can also update or delete all the records.

Browsing History:

Well, now you can get to the most intimate and personal details of the user by monitoring his/ her internet history. In addition, you can also block the websites you don’t want them to visit.

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Record Apps usage:

You can see all apps installed in the mobile set whether it be Android or iOS. Moreover, you can also watch apps usage history.

Key Logger:

Though there was nothing much left to see, developers still added the feature of Key Logger that gives you history of every mobile key pressed by user.

Remotely Control:

So, you don’t have access to victim’s mobile physically but you can control it remotely no matter where you are in the world. All you need is internet. You can get mobile to perform any action you want through SMS Commands.

Record SMS Message:

You can see complete message history victim ever sent or received. On top of that, you can also remotely delete these messages. If you think about it, you can delete those embarrassing chats that now you find a mistake.

View Multimedia Files:

Watch any audio, video, or document file stored in the mobile. Do remember that you will need the Truth Spy Crack Code to use all these features.

Auto Answer Your Calls:

Your kid doesn’t attend your call, no worries. Your calls will be now automatically attended on victim’s mobile.

100% Undetectable:

Now that’s a badass feature. What’s spying if your victim knows that he/she is being spied. It’s perfectly undetectable and no one can even guess that The Truth Spy Crack is installed in their mobile.

Installation of The Truth Spy Crack:

  • First of all download its trial version in victim’s mobile.
  • Make an account on the website of The Truth Spy. Sign In if you already have one.
  • Now download The Truth Spy Crack from the link below on the victim’s mobile.
  • First install the trial version software and next install the crack.
  • Now you have full access to its features. Make sure you Enable the hide option.
  • Login to the account and enjoy all above mentioned features.

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